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L. Schaefer | H. Reske | Annie | D. Hamann

I Didnít Want To Continue Living With The Pain That Brought Me To Vitality Health Center.
For the last eight months I have had lower back pain, after just a few minutes of standing the pain would make me run desperately for a chair. I couldnít even complete simple household chores without several breaks to sit in the chair. I wanted help desperately. I had tried chiropractic adjustments, massage, ibuprofen, and Percoset when things got really bad.

My husband found a newspaper ad for me, so I called and couldnít wait to start treatment. I felt a change right away, I was able to stand longer and with less pain. I still have scoliosis and rheumatoid arthritis, but I can live with these. I didnít want to continue living with the searing low back pain that brought me to Vitality Health Center. The time commitment, money and any risks I thought there might have been have been worth it! I have my life back!

                                 L. Schaefer
William Lauerman, MD,

Chief of Spine Surgery, and a professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Georgetown University Hospital


"...I'm an orthopedic spine surgeon, so I treat all sorts of back problems, and i'm a big believer in Chiropractic..."

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