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Vitality Health Center Gave Me My Life Back; My Family’s Life Back;  My Smile And My Optimism For My Future!
While watching a segment on Colorado & Company I learned about Vitality Health Center. I was experiencing pain in my low-back, leg, hip, groin, butt, and foot. Every aspect of my life was affected by these problems. I couldn’t dress myself; participate in physical activities, sleep, bathe, etc. I wasn’t even able to sit down to eat, ride in a car, or do office work. I had tried all sorts of therapies over a one year period with no success.

I was apprehensive about the treatment; if it would work, would I get worse, how long would it take, and how much would it cost? I would gladly pay 100 times the cost to be able to enjoy my life. It would absolutely be worth it! Can you put a value on your quality of life? It is very scary to be 43 years old and not be able to bathe or dress yourself.

I lived with this problem for probably a year and a half. After the very first treatment I noticed a relief in pain. I had increased range of motion and movement without associated pain. I felt extremely lucky.

My treatment was better than I ever expected! I was a broken man... physically and mentally. I could never explain all the problems that I had in my life both physically and mentally when I walked through the door. Vitality Health Center gave me my life back; my family’s life back; my smile and my optimism for my future! Thank you Vitality Health Center!

                                 Keith Jones
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