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What Is True Spinal Decompression?

Non-Surgical Relief for Debilitating Low Back or Neck Problems.
Do you suffer from chronic neck and low back pain, buttock pain, or sciatica? Maybe arm pain or upper back pain, numbness or tingling? Bulging discs, stenosis, spinal arthritis or facet degeneration can destroy one’s quality of life. If you have been down a frustrating medical pathway of stretches and therapy, or drugs and injections, finding straight answers from a trusted source that understands the ins and outs of conservative  treatment options can be priceless.

Having performed well over 18,000 non-surgical decompression sessions since 2004, and having working with some of the most complex cases in Colorado, our experience and service in this field is unmatched. With a  scientifically proven technology, research from medical doctors from Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Duke and the Mayo Clinic, the Denver community now has its best option ever to stop chronic spinal pain. Nine out of ten  patients report success, and our Vitalicor program helps ensure the longest lasting results available.

Clinical Research - Click any link below to download the PDF document
American Academy of Pain Management
American Society of Anesthesiologists
Low Back Clinical Case Study - John's Hopkins University Doctor
94 Patient Case Study
Dr. Terry Yochum Case Study
India Study
Japan Study

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