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Frequently Asked Questions?
1. What are the benefits of the MRS 2000?
- Improved regeneration and relaxation after training sessions or competition

- Ideal application for vitalization in the morning or as a passive warm-up prior to training or competition

- Assists in prevention of sore muscle as well as the after-care of muscles

- Faster lactate reduction and glycogen building

- Release of cramps and prophylactic bracing of muscles (adjusting muscular dysbalance more effective stretching)

- Faster muscle and bone regeneration

- Improved oxygen, nutrient supply and blood circulation

- Boosts endurance by improving oxygen supply to the tissue effecting regeneration indirectly

- Strengthening of the immune system

- Encourages melatonin production and stabilizes the sleep rhythm (counteracts energy deficiency, jet-lag and burn-out syndrome)

- Supports and accelerates wound healing of sports injuries (strains, bruises, sprains, muscle and tendon tears, dislocations, nerve injuries)
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