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What Is Pulsating Resonance Therapy?

Olympic Training Center Technology at your fingertips
If its good enough for German and American Olympic athletes, imagine  what it can do for you.

With over 6,500 scientific studies, and millions of people having undergone  treatment, pulsed resonance therapy has finally come to America. Currently  available in only a few healthcare clinics in Colorado, people are raving  about the energizing, healing and restorative effects of this therapy, from  sleep disorders to accelerated healing.

Germany, widely accepted as one of the highest quality producers of  medical equipment, is years ahead in this field of medicine. Working at the  cellular level, MRS 2000 has an energizing effect on the body by stimulating  metabolism, circulation, and the immune system.  It has also been shown to  regulate melatonin production, stimulate healing of soft tissue, and  alleviate pain.
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