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Frequently Asked Questions?
1. Introduction video to the EPS 8000

Please click here to view an informative video from Axiom Worldwide on this technology.
2. What is Electric Nerve Block using the EPS 8000?

The EPS8000 offers electrical stimulation therapy featuring Direct Digital Synthesis. D.D.S. technology is a fully-digital method for generating higher-resolution, smoother-feeling sine waves. The NVP8500 provides venturi-vacuum pulsation support for electrical stimulation waveforms. The air pump can detect the absence of venture electrodes and automatically shut off as a safety precaution. The system also detects when pads are touching (short-circuited) or when any over-current condition exists and pauses the treatment.

The EPS8000 stimulates peripheral nerves for the purpose of providing pain relief and to stimulate motor nerves for the purpose of muscle rehabilitation.
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