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What Is Electric Nerve Block?

A Breakthrough Therapy for Pain Relief Without Drugs, Needles or Injections!

Advanced EPS technology is now available in Colorado to help you stop the  pain quickly. Research shows 60% success rate for chronic pain, and 80%  success rate for treating acute pain; nearly twice the success rate of spinal  injections. Completely non-invasive (no needles), with no risk of side-effects,  if this technology will help you results will be seen in just one short week.

Breakthrough pain relieving frequencies are applied to the injured area with  the ability to decrease inflammation immediately. The frequencies perform  a pure nerve block to stop the pain signal from getting to the brain: safe,  painless, and highly effective. While other centers use only outdated  modalities or physical therapy, these sophisticated protocols offer rapid  pain relief for muscle, nerve and soft tissue damage. This newest addition to  our center has revolutionized our ability to achieve pain relief immediately.
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